About Us



Deanwood Community Development Organization Mission: building  sustanable family centered community  through strategic development, cultural preservation, creative placemaking, and community ownership.



The vision of the Deanwood Community Development Organization is to see that all communities have equality of amenities including affordable mixed use housing, accessible shopping and entertainment and safe neighborhoods and community spaces.



» Empower community leadership

» Implement culturally relevant programs, services and resources using best practices with an asset based approach

» Build community on its collective strengths, history of past and present, accomplishments, contributions, and challenges

» Create economic development opportunities for the Deanwood community

» Provide access to community resources and support needed to achieve and maintain a high quality of life

»Achieve the inclusion of community members into the conversation of development through measurable activities

» Establish a Real Estate Investment Trust to benefit the development of the community for the residents through affordable and workforce housing.

» Create partnerships with local academic institutions for the design of an invested and agreed upon community